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List of Partner Institutions

Shizuoka University

Shizuoka University was inaugurated on June 1, 1949, following approval on May 31 of the same year for the university's establishment through the unification of five educational institutions: the former Shizuoka High School, Shizuoka Normal School and Shizuoka 2nd Normal School , Shizuoka Normal School for Youth and Hamamatsu College of Technology.

Subsequently, the university absorbed Shizuoka Prefectural College of Agriculture , moved to its present Shizuoka and Hamamatsu Campuses, and by undertaking the reorganization and enlargement of its faculties and other educational departments, assumed its present form. In the years to come, the university will continue to make efforts to upgrade and enrich its structure.
Sripatum University

Our Philosophy: 

Education develops human resources who enrich the nation

Our Core Value: 

Wisdom, Skills, Cheerfulness and Morality

Our Vision: 

Thailand’s Leading University for the New Generation

Commitment towards ICT Campus: 

Sripatum University is committed to be ICT Campus through continuously deploying appropriate technology and developing media for educational purposes. It is the directive of the university to encourage the use of information technology in all the courses so as to prepare the students in the IT-enabled society. Moreover, information technology is used to assist the work of administrators, lecturers and staff so that they can perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Currently, the university has initiated the E-Learning development project that aims at creating an open learning campus and expanding the academic service to give students a flexible learning environment. To further facilitate the access of information throughout campus, the university has developed a wireless LAN system that covers all main areas so that students can access the university knowledge servers and internet wherever they are on SPU campus.

Sungshin Women's University

 Sungshin Women’s University is a private school founded in 1936, under the motto of ‘Improvement of the Status of Women’ by Dr. Sook-chong Lee and her strong spirit and teaching philosophy. Together with Korea’s modern history, Sungshin Women’s University has been continuously working towards fostering global leaders who will play a key role in the development of the country and society for 75 years based on the educational philosophy of "Embrace sincerity/faith", "Strive for new knowledge", and "Act independently".

On March 1, 2011, after two years and four months of a long construction period, the newly opened Woonjung Green Campus shows that Sungshin Women’s University is in the center of continuous change and development. Woonjung Green Campus is only 5km away from the main Soojung Campus and is the only university in Korea to have a second campus located in Seoul. The newly campus having marked a new era in the history of education in Korea, with green and culture as a harmonious blend, is attracting the attention of many people. Forty percent of the campus is surrounded by over 10 acres of natural green and the ramp/square type interior staircases designed as an art gallery, catches the eye of its viewers. At this campus, students are developing their talents while breathing in nature and communicating with art year around.