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List of Partner Institutions

PaiChai University

Pai Chai is an institution that has long underpinned the hopes and spirit of the Korean people. Built on the founding philosophy, "Serve others if you want to be great," today Pai Chai is dreaming new dreams for the next while remembering the dreams of Reverend Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller and Reverend Clara Howard. With the "SMART PAI CHAI" development strategy, we seek to foster students who are equipped with practical capabilities that can be put to work directly in the field. "SMART PAI CHAI" aims at cooperation between industry and academia. Pai Chai students, supported by the university and its alumni network, will serve as reliable community and society pillars both inside and outside Korea as their senior colleagues of Pai Chai have done before them. Pai Chai University thanks you for your continued support as we emerge at the nexus of practical learning and creativity.