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Office of International Affairs (OIA)

was founded in August 2007 to advocate for and support the University's goals in international education and exchange. The mission of OIA is to strengthen the global dimensions of learning, teaching, research, and service throughout the University. It aims to enhance international cooperation by promoting exchange programs, recruiting international students, and helping to develop a supportive social infrastructure for all of our faculty and students.

Our staff at OIA strives to nurture a global mindset within the student body by increasing opportunities for local students to encounter diverse cultures via study abroad plans, faculty and student exchange programs, and visits by international scholars. OIA also provides an extensive network of assistance for international students to transition effortlessly into the NTNU community. As the number of our international students continues to grow, OIA is committed to creating a truly international community on our campus via bilingual academic curricula, inclusive campus events, and other initiatives that foster meaningful interactions and engagements between local and international members of NTNU.

OIA currently has three divisions:

Global Academic Collaborations
Global Student Recruitment 
Global Student Affairs