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2024 NTNU Forum

2024 Taiwan / France

Higher Education Leaders Forum

Taiwan-France Collaboration for Global Impact

About the Forum

The 2024 Taiwan-France Higher Education Leaders Forum, themed "Taiwan-France Collaboration for Global Impact," marks a momentous occasion as it brings together university presidents and higher education leaders from both countries in an in-person gathering, breaking free from the constraints imposed by the pandemic. This forum will be a pivotal event in fostering an in-depth understanding and collaboration among Taiwanese and French higher education institutions. It will serve as a dynamic platform for sharing the latest initiatives of higher education and research policy, and promoting exchanges in critical areas such as science, technology, language, industry-academia cooperation, and talent development. Through the event, high-level delegations from both countries will jointly explore new opportunities and forge a shared goal to strengthen partnership, foster higher education excellence, and push forward more rigorous talent cultivation in the present and for the future.

March 11, 2024

NTNU Assembly Hall, Main Campus I

March 12, 2024

NTNU Continuing Education Building 2F Room 201
Theme: Taiwan-France Collaboration for

Future Growth and Global Impact

National Taiwan Normal University

March 11

DAY 1     Venue: NTNU Assembly Hall, Main Campus I   >> Google Map



Introductory Session

Internationalization of Higher Education: Crossing Taiwan and France Perspectives

Session summary: This session aims at introducing recent developments in French and Taiwanese higher education and research policy.


Coffee Break



Building Industry-Academia Partnerships in Technology Development: The Taiwanese Way

Session summary: Taiwanese universities are renowned worldwide for their innovative and successful way of cooperating with industrial ecosystems. French higher education leaders are eager to better understand Taiwanese policy mechanisms to boost industry-academia cooperation from the first-hand experiences of Taiwanese university representatives.




Session 1

Priorities of Scientific Cooperation and Talent Development between Taiwan and France

Session summary: This session will cover best practices of Taiwanese and French universities in science cooperation and talent development in key scientific areas.


Tea Time and Networking


Session 2

European Panel - The European Engagement of French Universities: An Opportunity for Taiwanese Partners

Session summary: Excellence in French higher education includes strategic engagement of French universities to develop European projects, European joint programs and European alliances. By extension, Taiwanese partners of French institutions would also have access to this European dimension. During this session, French universities will share concrete examples of their European initiatives that might also be opportunities for Taiwanese universities (Erasmus Mundus Programs and European Universities alliances).

March 12

DAY 2     Venue: NTNU Continuing Education Building 2F Room 201   >> Google Map



Special Session

Panel on French and Mandarin as Global Languages: The Key Role of Universities

Session summary: Mandarin and French are both global languages. During this session, participants will discuss their institutional strategies on French and Mandarin as foreign languages, innovative policies developed in the field of language teaching, and promotion of academic excellence in teaching French and Mandarin as foreign languages.