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Country: France, Mexico, Viet Nam, United States of America, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Poland, Korea, Czech

National Taiwan Normal University(NTNU) is a world famed institution with diverse field of studies in higher education. QS Ranking No.1 in the Internationalization Index in Taiwan.

Come get a Bachelor, Master's or Doctoral degree to enrich your professional expertise with us!!

Bachelor's Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Master's Program of Management, Doctoral Program of Physics, Master's Program of International Human Resource Development, Bachelor's Program of Fine Arts, Master's Program of Performing Arts, Doctoral Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Bachelor's Program of Business

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Country: Czech Republic Bachelor’s Program of Business

Anna-Marie Milerska is an active NTNU student from the Czech Republic. She is currently a Business Administration major and learning about all the new and exciting cultures in Taiwan. Come follow her adventure and see what is in store for you too!

Country: Russia Bachelor’s Program of Physical Education

Hello my name is Alesia. I came from Siberia Russia. Taiwan is a beautiful place. I have lived in Taiwan for 4 years and I will continue to live here.

Taiwan has beautiful nature, many different tropical fruits, and good living environment. Taiwanese people are very friendly. They are really nice! I think living here will be good experience for all people. It is safe and convenient.

Now I study at National Taiwan Normal University. It is one of the most famous universities in the world. The professors are very kind. If I have questions or problems, my classmates and teachers are always there to help me to solve them.

During my free time, I often go to the gymnasium room. Because I have trained sport gymnastic since I was 4 years old, I love do it. Also, I have trained Taichi and Chinese martial arts for 4 years. Its help me to understand Chinese culture more.

Life in Taiwan is very interesting, informative and various. Every day you can learn a new thing. You can choose what you like to do and make it! Here you will have high level education, make many friends from different countries and enjoy very exciting experience in your life!

Country: Thai Doctoral Program of Computer Science and Information Engineering

After spending one and a half year in Taiwan as a doctoral student at NTNU, I found that my life here is peaceful and comfortable. Before coming here, I didn&rsquot have any experience about the lifestyle and culture of Taiwanese, I just applied for the doctoral position here because of the outstanding reputation of the university so it made me worry a little bit about the culture shock at the first time. However, being here for one and a half year makes me realize how the local people welcome and take care of foreigners in such a good way like I am a part of their family. I always get help from my classmate and the local people when I am in need. It is not only their kindness that makes me feel impressive, but the public transportation service and tourist place are the other reasons that make me fell in love. Various choices of public transportation in both single city and intercity that you can select for your journey at a reasonable price. Moreover, Taiwan also has a variety of amazing landmarks for taking a journey. With my journey in many cities of Taiwan make me know that there is not only about the civilization lifestyle, but it also has the various extraordinary natural scenarios that attract my feeling like Yangmingshan National Park and Jiufen village. Consequently, being here is more meaningful than studying for me, I can connect with the various culture and face many new worthy experiences. Therefore, if you are the real adventurer who loves to explore the new experience and looking for the university at the same, NTNU can be one of the excellent options that I would like to recommend.

Time fly so fast, I do not believe that now I have studied as a doctoral student at computer science and information engineering department, NTNU one and a half year. My name is Thammarsat Visutarrom from Thailand. There are many reasons that influence my decision to pursue a degree here. With the excellent long historical reputation and outstanding university score which is ranked by many world educational organizations such as Time Higher Education, QS and so on led me to choose NTNU as the first university in my list and I have never disappointed with my decision. From the first day at NTNU, the architecture and facility of the university make me feel comfortable and believe that this would be a good environment for studying.  Additionally, I have never felt alone in fixing any personal problems like cultural adaptation or course enrollment problem because the Office of International Affairs always take care of us warmly like we are from the same family. NTNU provides me the several modern courses that are taught by the experts in my field and they also have a strong connection with the various well-known universities that make me can cooperate my research with each other and support me to grow up in my field. If you are seeking the university in Taiwan, NTNU will be a good choice for growing up your bright future career. Let join us and be part of the NTNU family.

I am the kind of a food lover who always tries the new taste of every country where I visit. One and a half year ago, I started my new journey in Taiwan to pursue my doctoral degree at NTNU. Before coming here, I did not know that nearby my new university has one of the well-known night markets. When I arrived at my campus, Gongguan campus, I realized that this would be the right place for me. Gongguan night market is 15 minutes far away from my university by walk. There are various delicious local and international restaurant that you can try here, and till now I do not ever try all their menu yet. English menu is always provided in most of the restaurant, and they always welcome the foreigner who knows a little Chinese language like me kindly as well, so do not let the language to be the barrier for your passion. Mala Hot pot and Watch BBQ restaurant are my most favorite restaurant that I always visit every month, at least one or two times, because of fresh ingredients and tasty soups. Except for those kinds of the restaurant, it still has a lot of 24 hours of service convenience stores and fast food restaurants like 7/11, family mart, and McDonald. Being at NTNU, food has never been my problem when I must work hard with my thesis at midnight. As same as the main campus, Shi-da night market is next to the campus with the crowd of tourist from many countries every day. I often go there to have a little party with my friends. If you are the food lover and looking for the university that shapes your bright future career, why do not consider NTNU as one of your choices? Let become a part of the NTNU family and discover new tastes of Taiwan.

Country: Viet Nam Doctoral Program of English

The public transport system here is almost excellent! It is so convenient to travel around by MRT, high-speed railway, bus, or even by bicycle (Ubike). I haven&rsquot traveled to other cities in Taiwan yet. But so far I love the scenery here it&rsquos stunning but very peaceful. I like most of the food, except that stinky tofu (I&rsquom sorry!)

I live in Gongguan campus, and I really enjoy living there. It&rsquos really quiet, which makes it a perfect place to stay during my study here. I have explored Da-an Forest Park, and I like it, too. Shida Night market is not that attractive to me, though, because it&rsquos so crowded and I think the food there is a bit overpriced. It&rsquos better to enjoy food on Heping East Road or Roosevelt Road Section 3.

The courses here are quite demanding: You need a B in order to pass a course for graduate students. From my own experiences, it&rsquos recommended that you take about 4 or 5 courses per semester. Otherwise, you will be snowed under heavy load of study. The lecturers here are very friendly and helpful you just need to ask the right questions.

NTNU has a lot of activities to offer. I cannot join all of them, unfortunately, due to my heavy load in the previous semester. I tried to join the badminton club, but I was so bad that I was told I could not join it. I guess I should find a badminton buddy later then.

The library of NTNU is one of the greatest you&rsquod better check it out if you&rsquore a student here. You need some guidance, though, as most of the instructions are in Traditional Chinese. The fitness center for working out is sufficient, and there is also a sporting building where you can play badminton, which I love. There are a number of running tracks as well, and also areas to play some other sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, and the likes.

I have joined an activity in which students can make glutinous rice balls with the school staff it was good to know some people here. And I was so fascinated by the Welcome Party the staff here threw an awesome one! I&rsquom looking forward to the University events in upcoming April I suppose it&rsquos going to be great.

The staff here is very helpful, nice and kind. They can help you with literally any of the problems that you&rsquore faced with. If you have any trouble, you just need to email or ask the one that can deal with such problem. Or you can email to Mona in the OIA, and I think she can tell you who you should ask for help. Another point to note is that you can also ask your professor or lecturer in case of an emergency or a hurdle that you&rsquore trying to overcome.

In general, my life at Shida (NTNU) has been great, and I love it! I cannot thank the school, the staff and my classmates enough because they have made my life here so enjoyable.

Country: Indonesia Master’s Program of Electrical Engineering

My overall study experience in Taiwan is very exciting, although my courses is very hard to learned. I would be like to study in here, because of hospitality of Taiwanese people that very kind and polite. That will make me have an unforgettable moment living in Taiwan. Transportation in here also very convenient, we can go everywhere just by using our poor mandarin language skill, because almost every Taiwanese know how to speak in English. Taiwan also has a lot of wonderful beautiful landscape, even I just ever visited some places in Taipei, no places ever make me disappointed because of the scenery. I still look forward to visit other places in Taiwan, that I believe will be the next beautiful places for me to enjoy.

NTNU campus life is nice because of a lot of school dormitory to be choose, that living cost in dormitory much cheaper than staying outside. Dormitory has a lot of facility like small kitchen for cooking, fast cable Internet, budget washing machine and clean environment. There`s also free shuttle bus to make us easier in transportation between NTNU campus. If you can&rsquot catch time of shuttle bus, no need to worry because of there&rsquos plenty of Ubike that you can rent with economical prices for student. NTNU is located in middle of Taipei, which has a lot of advantages to going some iconic places in Taipei within a minute to arrive, like Taipei 101, Chiang-Kai memorial hall, Xiang shan, and many more.

Administrative process in NTNU is very convenient for International student, OIA is very glad and welcome to help every student. Even when we`re too busy to visit OIA office, just by sending an email, will be a fast response reply email from OIA staff. There&rsquos also health and consultation center for emergency small wound and its completely free. NTNU also has E-machine for student to easily print basic document like student status certificate, transcript, etc. just by inserting $10 coin to machine you can easily get the printed document you wanted. Staff and head of department of electrical engineering is very heart welcoming to International student, that every time met with chief of department will be a warm greeting and asking of is there&rsquos any difficulty during our study.

Country: Japan Bachelor’s Program of Business

For my major, Business Administration, we use mostly use English textbook and the lectures will be either in English or Chinese. It was very confusing at first but I think it is really helpful for future career since now we can understand business words or terms both in English and Chinese. And when I had questions about classes, both professors and friends helped me. Professor are very easy to talk to and our all of our classmates speaks English very well so there wasn&rsquot a problem for learning. Another great thing about curriculums is that we get to choose classes from not only NTNU but also NTU and NTUST, where I can choose more various classes that are not offed in NTNU.              

I enjoy our facilities very much. Especially for library, gymnasium and swimming pool. The library is really big and quit, also for the season of exams they open a study space for 24 hours. It really helps us to study more efficiently when we want, at the same time it motivates us to study as others are doing so. The biggest advantages of gym and swimming pool is that we can use it for free on selected time. It is great to have those systems so that I can refresh or relax very easily and don&rsquot need to thing about the expenses. Gym also allows us to borrow equipment such as basketball, volleyball, I sometimes enjoy just play around with my friends. It is really fun!       

I participated some events organized by OIA. One was to introduce Japanese food to high school students. We went to high school and attract with their students. It was very interesting to answer their questions and what they prepared for the students who came to try our food was very impressive. I enjoyed sharing our food as well as culture. I also participated to school sports competitions. The quality of competitions is very high, we even got an actual medal for winning. I also learnt a lot from those events and I got closer to students from other departments. Great opportunities!           

Even for international students, NTNU allows us to do an exchange program to overseas. I always wanted to go non-Asian countries to experience their education, and I was lucky enough to have a chance to go to Munich, Germany for one semester exchange. It was really great experience, learnt more about business worldwide, made ae lot of friends from different countries, backgrounds, and traveled lots of different places. Staying NTNU for 4 years is also a good choice but I really suggest more people to use this system to go see different world. Some people think that being an international student is a disadvantage but I think that is not true, NTNU offers same opportunities for international students.

Country: Honduras Master’s Program of International Human Resource Development

My overall experience in Taiwan has been great. It is a beautiful country with lots of history and places to explore, people are friendly, the food is amazing and everything is very convenient. Immersing yourself into their culture through their night markets, temples and festivals has been a unique experience. The ease with which you can travel around the island make it ideal for adventuring into big cities, small towns and beautiful sceneries. There is a good presence of people from all over the world which makes it a great multicultural experience, and helps with adapting to a whole new world. I would definitely recommend this experience to all my friends coming to Taiwan is one of the best decisions I have made, the hard part will be saying good-bye.

The university campus is perfectly located near restaurants, night markets and parks. Metro stations, bus stops and the convenient Ubike system is available just a few steps away so it is easy to move around. The general environment within the campus is fun, friendly and alive with several activities happening on different days. The chance to interact with locals and foreigners on a daily basis on a relaxed environment is something I truly value and at NTNU this is possible. The campus is well organized, beautifully decorated by its many natural settings and fully equipped for student life. I specially love all the restaurants nearby to grab a quick bite.

NTNU has a great student library with lot of resources including lots of online material and a great environment for those long studying days it has been helpful in my research process. The student cafeteria is full of a good variety of food and the best part is it adapts pretty well to my student budget. I also enjoy just walking around campus and finding myself a nice desk under some trees, eat, and talk with friends, just enjoying the moment before or after class.

Country: Indonesia Doctoral Program of Science Education

Satisfaction and pride that I could study in this awesome country. Busy activities of lecture and research as a Ph.D. student for about one and a half years have not felt. Many tourist destinations are very easy to reach with a variety of convenient transportation modes, making the burden of lectures and research far reduced. In addition, there are many unique night markets, also a place to get rid of tired while returning from activities all day on campus. One more thing that is fantastic from this country is the attitude of openness mindset of local residents to foreigners. A great tolerance of Taiwanese makes a comfortable feeling foreigner to study, visit, or stay in Taiwan. Sincerely, I always say, &ldquoThank God for bringing me to this awesome country."

A favorable climate of lecture and research made me feel comfortable and memorable in NTNU. The combination of lectures and research is robustly useful for students from different educational backgrounds and different cultures in completing their studies. Courses that are up to date and taught by excellent professors, and supported by adequate facilities, have become a distinct impression for me during my study here. Furthermore, behind their label as a world-class professor, the professors are also very humanistic and friendly. Selecting a course is quite tricky for me because all available courses are important and deeply interesting. Coupled with the presence of invited professors from various countries each semester, making it has a different sensation. It feels like time flies so fast. The knowledge and impression that I get in this process would always be remembered for all time.

Excellent service from NTNU staff became endless talks from Indonesian and many countries friends. Work quickly, precisely, and sincerely becomes a characteristic of administrative personnel such as in the office of international affairs, office of the particular department, health care offices, etc. Without a different or special treatment between local students and international students in all services, makes the convenient to deal with. We are not afraid to make a business of all matters even without being accompanied by a Taiwanese friend. In addition, a fantastic concern of NTNU staff for all students is obvious visibly, and I felt it so much. Routine e-mails to remind me about the time of selecting courses, extending my residence permit, invitations to mental and psychological health checks, greetings on holidays, up to the messages to reminders of keeping warm in the winter are routine messages that become evidence of the awesome services provided by NTNU staffs.


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Sebuah kepuasan dan kebanggaan tersendiri bisa menuntut ilmu di negeri yang luar biasa ini. Kesibukan kuliah dan penelitian sebagai mahasiswa PhD selama kurang lebih satu setengah tahun ini tidak begitu terasa. Banyaknya destinasi wisata yang sangat mudah dijangkau, dengan berbagai alat transportasi yang nyaman, menjadikan beban kuliah dan penelitian menjadi jauh berkurang. Selain itu, banyaknya pasar malam yang unik, juga menjadi tempat penghibur penghilang lelah disaat pulang dari beraktivitas seharian di kampus. Satu hal lagi yang sangat luar biasanya dari negeri ini adalah sikap keterbukaan penduduk lokal terhadap pendatang. Toleransi yang besar dari penduduk asli Taiwan menjadikan perasaan yang nyaman untuk belajar, berkunjung, ataupun menetap di Taiwan. Dalam hati yang paling dalam, saya selalu mengucapkan &ldquoTerima kasih Tuhan telah membawa saya ke negeri ini&rdquo.

Iklim kuliah dan research yang kondusif membuat saya betah dan berkesan di NTNU. Kombinasi perkuliahan dan research sangat bermanfaat bagi mahasiswa dari berbagai latar belakang pendidikan dan budaya yang berbeda dalam menyelesaikan studinya. Mata kuliah yang up to date dan diajar oleh professor berkelas dunia, serta didukung oleh fasilitas yang sangat memadai, menjadi kesan tersendiri bagi saya selama menumpuh pendidikan di sini. Selain itu, dibalik labelnya sebagai pengajar berkelas dunia, para profesornya juga sangat humanistic dan bersahabat. Memilih mata kuliah menjadi hal yang cukup sulit, karena semua mata kuliah yang tersedia adalah penting dan menarik bagi saya. Ditambah dengan adanya invited professor dari berbagai negara di setiap semesternya, menjadikan warna tersendiri yang mendalam. Rasanya waktu terasa cepat berlalu. Ilmu dan kesan dalam berproses ini akan selalu dikenang sepanjang masa.

Pelayanan prima dari staf NTNU menjadi pembicaraan yang tak pernah habis dari teman teman Indonesia dan banyak negara. Kerja cepat, tepat dan dengan hati menjadi ciri khas tenaga adiministrative seperti pada kantor urusan international, kantor staf departemen, kantor di pelayan kesehatan dll. Tidak adanya perbedaan perlakuan antara mahasiswa local dan mahasiswa international pada semua pelayanan di kampus, menjadikan kenyamanan tersendiri dalam berurusan. Kami menjadi tidak takut menyelesaikan segala urusan walapun tanpa didampingi oleh teman orang Taiwan. Selain itu, kepedulian yang sangat tinggi dari staf NTNU terhadap semua mahasiswa sangat terlihat dan sangat kami rasakan. E-mail rutin untuk mengingatkan tentang waktu pemilihan mata kuliah, perpanjangan izin tinggal, undangan untuk cek kesehatan mental dan psikis, ucapan hari-hari besar, sampai pengingat untuk selalau menjaga kesehatan menjadi pesan rutin yang manjadi bukti luar biasanya pelayanan yang diberikan oleh NTNU.

Country: France Bachelor’s Program of Fine Arts

One of the reasons that attracted me to Taiwan is its cultural and natural richness, an artistic palette that is widely developed, especially in the arts and letters. The resources are immense. On the other hand, the cities are a bit noisy for me, I prefer natural areas, and here nature is breathtaking! Beautiful forests, fauna and flora of rare diversity, and do not forget the beaches ... Especially the beaches in the north of the island, rocky, alive. Suffice to say that it is a pleasure to have the chance to enjoy all that.

In my department (Fine Arts) I am delighted to have the opportunity to learn directly from many techniques, and to have the possibility of an open mind on the different aspects of art through the diversity of professors. I am also fond of sports classes, among which there are many choices for any type of personality / purpose. As an International student I also have the opportunity to have a Chinese class a week, which helps me a lot to adapt and understand in my everyday life. Given that there are many departments, it is also particularly interesting to study according to our aspirations / desires in addition to our main discipline.

The international office is very competent, they have a rare patience and have always been available to enlighten and orient me. It was a great help to me even before I registered.

In addition they are very active in offering all kinds of activities to create a link between different cultures and countries. With this the OIA has also set up a volunteer service between future Chinese teachers and international students to perfect their Chinese language. As for the general administration I often get lost, there is a lot of service and it is necessary to know precisely which service is addressed. Otherwise there is always someone to help us or recommend us to whom to lead us.

Country: Japan Bachelor's Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Master's Program of Sport, Leisure & Hospitality

National Taiwan Normal University is a historic and multicultural institution for higher education. NTNU takes a pride in her most internationalized campus. Many Japanese, including a former Prime Minister of Japan, choose NTNU to study. Come to experience Taiwan&rsquos rich culture and discover the new you at NTNU!


Country: Korea Master's Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Bachelor's Program of Chinese as a Second Language

Located in the very center of Taipei, National Taiwan Normal University is a culturally-diverse and transport institution for higher education. More and more Korean students study at NTNU, and students may experience internship while studying. Come to explore what you can and discover the new you at NTNU!

Country: Thai Master's Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Master's Program of International Human Resource

National Taiwan Normal University is a broadly, diverse institution for higher education. Students from all over the world come to be a part of the NTNU experience. Life at NTNU is a lot different than in Thailand, but there&rsquore always interesting things to do, so you will never get bored! Come to discover the new you and explore the world at NTNU! 

มหาวิทยาลัยครุศาสตร์แห่งชาติไต้หวัน (National Taiwan Normal University, NTNU) เป็นสถาบันการศึกษาที่มีความหลากหลาย มีนักศึกษาจากทั่วทุกมุมโลกมาร่วมสัมผัสประสบการณ์และเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของ NTNU แม้ชีวิตความเป็นอยู่ที่นี่จะมีความแตกต่างจากประเทศไทยเป็นอย่างมาก แต่เราก็มีเรื่องสนุก ๆ และสิ่งที่น่าสนใจให้ค้นพบอยู่เสมอ เรียกว่าไม่ต้องกลัวเบื่อกันเลยทีเดียว มาค้นพบตัวตนของคุณได้ที่ NTNU 

Country: Viet Nam Master's Program of Earth Sciences, Bachelor's Program of Chinese as a Second Language, Bachelor's P

NTNU is rated 22nd in World Education, 48th in Linguistics, and Top 7 in Sports Education. Come be a part of the top 50! There is so much to do and new experiences to immerse yourself in, that you will forget you miss home. Join now & start on your new adventure!


Country: Philippines Doctoral Program of Biodiversity, Doctoral Program of Physics

Princess, a PhD in Biodiversity(TIGP), and Rea, a doctoral student in Physics, are both current students at NTNU. Life at NTNU is a lot different than the Philippines, but there&rsquore always interesting things to do, so you will never get bored! NTNU is just like the home away from home. Come discover your new home today!

Country: The United States of America Master's Program of Global Business and Strategy

My name is Carvell Wilkins and I am from Michigan. I am currently studying at NTNU's Graduate School of Global Business and Strategy.

Living in Taiwan has broadened my horizons. Before coming to Taiwan, I didn&rsquot know too much about the world outside of the US, and I thought only people in China used Chinese as a first language. I had never heard of Taiwan, and felt that it wasn&rsquot an important enough country to go visit or live in. Over time, I was convinced to go to Taiwan under a free program set up by my university. Upon arriving to Taiwan, I could see right away how Taiwanese appreciated foreigners, and welcomed me as if I was royalty. It was then I knew that I had found something good. I never knew a country could be so welcoming to foreigners in this kind of way. It taught me that there are many worlds that exist outside of America, and Taiwan is one of the better ones.

The culture shock of living in Taiwan quickly left when I started meeting Taiwanese. Taiwanese are so eager to talk to foreigners and develop a friendship. When going abroad, one thing that most foreigners will encounter is homesickness. What is great about Taiwan is, Taiwanese will help you create a home away from home. New friends, new family, and a new life will be given to those who are willing to come to Taiwan. Friends in Taiwan will take care of you extremely well, and any type of culture shock that you may encounter will quickly disappear because you will be too engaged in enjoying your current life.

Country: Japan Master's Program of Curriculum and Instruction

Seven years ago, I came to Taiwan simply for learning Chinese. However, after these years, it turns out that I fell in love with Taiwan. I have experienced many interesting things. I have to say, it is really wonderful that I could make a lot of friends in Taiwan.
I think, of course, as a student, I should always concentrate on my studies. However, the most important thing I learned during these years is friendship.

Country: Switzerland Master's Program of Management

I enjoyed every second of my study in Taipei at NTNU. The Office of International Affairs supported me greatly with any inquiries I had. NTNU offered many interesting courses in my field (business management) with a strong emphasis on practical knowledge. Life itself in Taipei is great. Taiwanese are friendly and peaceful, especially regarding foreigners.

Country: Indonesia Doctoral Program of Physics

Studying at NTNU is an incredible experience. All the people I met here are very friendly. I have great teachers and classmates that inspire me, help me to understand a new way of teaching and learning and make me feel very lucky to be a part of them. Meeting other international students also gives me an opportunity to build a new friendship, so here I am not only learning physics, but also a new culture that is very exciting. Taiwan is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I would really recommend you to study here. I am sure you will have a lot of fun and enjoy this beautiful country.