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Incoming Visiting Students

Applicants should be currently enrolled with the institutions listed on the reference list of oversea universities from the website of Ministry of Education, Republic of China, (Taiwan).
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Please make sure that whether you are students from partner institutions of NTNU (Search for Partner Institutions of NTNU), then enter into the right online application system.
Online application system for students from partner institutions
Application for students from non-partner institutions
Visiting Student Application
(Partnered University)
(including Taiwan Huayu BEST Program)
Visiting Student Application
(Non-partnered University)


Required Documents:

Please fill out the Application Form during the scheduled period print the form out, add applicant's signature and submit all the required documents BY POST to the Office of International Affairs at NTNU.
  1. Application Form
  2. Study Plan (approx. 800~1000 words)
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Official Academic Transcripts
  5. One copy of research proposal (if applicable)
  6. Enrollment Certificate (issued within 3 months)(Can NOT be subsitituted with student ID card)
  7. Sacn of Passport (identification page)
  8. Screenshot of Application Fee Payment NT$ 3,300 (Non-refundable upon submitted)(Please confirm your eligibility before paying the application fee)
  9. Other Supporting Docuemnts (if any)

** All documents must be in either English or Chinese, documents in other languages will not be accepted. **
** Applicants must have completed at least one semester of enrollment (of same degree) before application. Namely, applicants must have completed at least two semesters of enrollment (of same degree) before participating the NTNU Visiting Program **
** Applicants must be the enrolled students (at home universities) while participating the NTNU Visiting Program. Those who will graduate before the visiting period is not eligible to apply for the Program.  **


Application Period:

Semester Term Time Application Period
Fall Semester September~December early March - late April
Spring Semester February ~ June early September ~ late October (of previous year)

Application Progress:

STEP 1: Application submission & Application Fee Payment
STEP 2: Qualification Screening by Departments/Institutes
STEP 3: Approval from Administrative Offices and University Executives
STEP 4: Admission Announcement
STEP 5: Confirmation of Admission Offer


Contact Information:

Visiting student from partner institutions: Mr. Daniel Lin
Phone: +886-2-7749-1269

Visiting student from non-partner institutions: Ms. Tina Huang
Phone: +886-2-7749-1275