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Incoming Exchange Students

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants should be nominated by our contracted Partner universities, and have completed at least one year of university work prior to participation in the exchange. Individual applications will not be processed.

Please go to Incoming Exchange Student Online Application to fill out the form during the scheduled period below, print the form out, add applicant's signature and submit all the required documents BY POST to the Office of International Affairs at NTNU.


Required Documents

  1. On-line application form
  2. Photocopy of applicant's passport. 
    Mainland China students please hand in the Application form instead
    --holding P.R.C passport:
    --holding Hong Kong/ Macow passport:
  3. One letter of recommendation written in English or in Chinese. 
  4. One copy of a study plan (approx. 800 to 1000 words) written in English or in Chinese.
  5. One copy of English official academic transcripts of undergraduate or graduate studies.
  6. One copy of student ID or enrollment certificate
    Mainland China Student is required to submit the enrollment certificate.


Application Period


Term Time

Application Period

Fall Semester

September to December

March to April

Spring Semester

February to June

September to October (of previous year)

Summer Session (Not Applicable)

July to August 

upon request

PS:Please contact us for requesting the Application Form of special summer session.


Application Progress

Application Submission→ Admission Announcement→ Student Confirmation→
Student ID &Dorm Announcement→Sign up Arrival Information


Exchange students can participate in the following programs:

  1. Regular Academic Programs at NTNU
    including undergraduate and graduate courses in all subjects (Please note that some courses with special requirements are upon lecturer’s permission)
  2. Chinese Language Courses:
    Exchange students are welcome to take Mandarin classes offered by the Department of Chinese as a second Language.
  3. Summer Session at MTC
    Only available upon the agreement and special request from partners' universities.


Related Information

Course Information

1. Courses Search and Enrollment Information
2. Mandarin Training Center


Availability of on-campus dorm room is limited and application needed.
Rent: USD 70~86 / month

Visa Requirements

Exchange students (students who apply for summer session are not included)need to apply for a “Resident visa”and then transfer to“Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)”within 15 days after arrival. Useful Links:
Visa information- Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ARC information- National Immigration Agency

Medical Insurance

We strongly encourage exchange students to purchase 6 months adequate health insurance either from your home country or Taiwan. From the 5th month of the stay, students are required to join National Health Insurance (NHI) held by Taiwanese government.

Living costs in Taipei 

Approximately living costs (exclusive housing and insurance :US$220~315/ month
Information for Foreigners in Taiwan '+886-0800-024-111 (Local Free Hotline-24 hours)


To Do List After Receiving Admission Letter

VISA Please make sure that you have already gotten appropriate entry VISA.
Insurance Please remember to purchase at least 6 months adequate health insurance either from your home country or Taiwan.
Flight Information
No pick-up service 
More Information Please confirm your Student ID number, accommodation and the contact information of your student buddy. Feel Free to contact your buddy NOW!
Course Wish List Please visit Courses Search and Enrollment Website to make your course wish list, consult the courses with us and discuss the possibility of credit transfering with the professor at home university.
Others Please remember to bring admission letters and at least 3 passport-sized photo with you.
VISA Mind your Visa expired date and remember to apply ARC with 15 days after you arrive.
Please Click HERE for mre information fo ARC application and visa extension
Registration To complete your registration, please visit the following offices
Office of International Affairs (OIA)  
Mandarin Training Center (MTC)
Course Enrollment Selecting courses please get the form in the Office of International Affairs. Submit your course selection sheet to the Curriculum Division and the Registration Division.
Accommodation Get the keys from dorm reception and do some daily shopping
Mobile Phone You can buy SIM Card at the airport and remember to let OIA know your number.
Campus Maps