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Kansai University

Kansai University has reached its 128th anniversary and boasts a long-established history and tradition. Continuously striving to be an indispensable institution in domestic and global society, Kansai University has conducted its research and education activities relevant to the times.

Amid tough competition, one of our strategies was selected in 2012 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as an Overseas Student Exchange Base Maintenance Project. Through this project, a consortium was formed between local industry, residents and local government with Kansai University's Minami-Senri International Plaza at the center. The consortium provides a means for Japanese and international students to cooperate in carrying out community-based international exchange activities so that the Senri area can become a true "adopted hometown" for them. Japanese students and local residents can engage in cross-cultural communication with international students fostering mutual understanding, as well as contributing to a revitalization of Senri New Town, a community which was launched over half a century ago.
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