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Osaka Kyoiku University

Osaka Kyoiku University (OKU) was founded in 1949 by consolidating three normal schools in the area, the origins of those which date to the 1870s. Today, OKU has two major campuses, one in Kashiwara City (670,000 square meters) and the other in mid-town Osaka City (50,000 square meters). OKU provides twenty-two day-time programs and one night-time program in Teacher Training and fifteen day-time programs in the Department of Arts and Sciences at the undergraduate level. The OKU graduate school offers eighteen programs for a Master degree in Education, Arts and Sciences, and Art. The primary mission of OKU is to foster qualified professionals in the field of school education and to develop and create knowledge and skills relevant to education. The area of Osaka (ca. population eight million) is the birth place of a number of world-class top-industries, especially many electronics, and marked by vigorous activity in merchandise. Also, the area is close to many world-famous historic sites in Kyoto and Nara. OKU has currently 4,900 full-time students, including 153 foreign students from 15 countries enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs. OKU has just entered a new stage of it's history with the mission of remaining at the forefront of delivering human and intellectual resources crucial to the world of education. Visit OKU and work together with us on our new challenge:education for knowledge-based societies in the twenty-first century.

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