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[Forward message] Synology offers NTNU students password management and PC backup solutions

During a new semester, students commonly use online course platforms for studies or to conduct side projects. However, it would be troublesome if students mismanage or forget about their passwords or lose data over sudden laptop malfunctions. Losing an important project’s data can be the least you would want before a deadline; as a result, making sure that students have a seamless online experience is essential.


Synology offers the best solution for the above scenario!

Synology offers NTNU students 1 year free trials for the two following cloud services:

  • C2 Password Plus
  • C2 Backup 500 GB


C2 Password is a password management tool which helps store password safely, and auto-fills passwords and bank account information when users land on login pages.


C2 Backup allow users to back up the data on their laptop and restore it when needed, so you no longer need to worry about data loss.


Start using now!

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Service Introduction

C2 Backup 500GB

  • Max. Number of PCs: Unlimited
  • Supporting Platform: Windows / macOS / OneDrive
  • Backup: Full-system backup / Incremental backup / Backup scheduling
  • Recovery: Restore by an entire PC / Restore by a single file or folder


C2 Password Plus

  • Number of Users: 6 (1 manager + 5 members)
  • Number of Items: 10,000 across all devices
  • Supporting Platform: Browser extension / iOS / Android
  • Vault: Personal vault / Shared vault


Data Security of Synology C2

  • Synology C2 is a series of cloud services provided by Synology. This offer allows users to store their data in Synology C2’s Taiwan data center, which is ISO27001 certified and is in compliance with data residency policy.
  • Synology C2 adapts end-to-end encryption method to protect users’ data, meaning data traveling to and stored on C2 servers is full encrypted, and even Synology cannot decrypt and access to your data.



About Synology

Synology is founded in Taiwan in 2000 and currently owns 6 foreign subsidiaries.

We are the leading brand in network attached storage (NAS) market and has more than 10 million users around the globe. In 2021, we have launched our pure cloud services, Synology C2, with the mission to serve more users.