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VNU University of Science

Located in Hanoi with over 100 years of tradition and development, today our University is known as the number one university in Vietnam in the field of basic science.

We have always been aware that the quality of students and staff, and of facilities and infrastructure for learning and research are the most important elements in the construction of a prestigious university.
We live in an era of growth, progress and innovation and recognize that the key to success is the ability to create new knowledge and to provide new technology. Our University will help you to develop this knowledge and these skills through 36 undergraduate programs and 100 master and doctoral programs. We provide you not only the knowledge and professional skills in a particular field, but also equip you with the capacity for lifelong learning, creativity, leadership and problem solving skills. Our primary goal is to help you realize your dream.
As a leading university, we are confident that our legacy of excellence will be successfully carried into the future. We are on the threshold of higher education achievements in science and technology, and this institution stands ready to meet the new challenges these achievements will bring. We are committed to the goal of making the University a cutting-edge research institution, ranking among the highest in Asia.
We are ready to welcome you to visit, to study and to work at the VNU University of Science.