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International Cooperation

Chiang Mei University Visited NTNU

On December 20th, Associate Prof. Rome Chiranukrom, Acting Vice President of the Chiang Mei University came visited NTNU with the accompany of a graduate student from NTU. Executive Vice President Wu, Assoc. Vice President Huang for International Affairs received them and welcomed them.
The two universities became sister school in 2003. Starting from 2016, the two schools sign the renewal contract and hope to launch further exchange programs. In 2017, the program will be available.
According to Executive Vice President Wu, NTNU has nine sister schools in Thailand and we have nearly 50 Thai students here. We are positive about the cooperation with Chiang Mai University, hoping to establish a deeper friendship and further cooperation. The two schools can explore exchange opportunities and exchange students as well as courses such as Thai language teaching. We look forward to have a closer working relationship with Chiang Mai University.
Acting Vice President Prof. Rome Chiranukrom said that they are looking forward for the future chances of student exchange programs. They hope to promote the exchange of students between Thailand and Taiwan, the academic cooperation for teachers and also look forward to a lot of activities. Chiang Mai also has a language center that offers other language courses than Thai. Mandarin Training Center is a world-known institute, so Chiang Mai University is open for the exchange opportunity for the language learning center.
After formal discussion, the NTNU Student Ambassador introduced the campus for the guests, who visited the Mandarin Learning Center. Leader Dr. Chao-Mei Tu from Curriculum & Teaching division of Mandarin Training Center received the guests from Thailand. Assoc. Prof. Rome Chiranukrom said that they thank the hospitality of NTNU and hope that the two universities can hold more academic events together.>