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✯✯ 2023 International Cultural Festival ─ “Sailnfinity" Event Information

2023 International Cultural Festival ─ “Sailnfinity”, a two-day event is going to be held at Sunlight Avenue from March 28 to March 29 !!

Don't miss this great chance to share your beautiful culture with the whole NTNU! 

There will be booths all around run by international students. You are welcome to sell special dishes, unique delicacies, or crafts from your country. There is no registration fee needed throughout the process, we hope to create the intercultural interaction opportunity through the event!

The booths of the 2023 International Cultural Festival are divided into two categories【Multicultural Cuisine Fair】 and 【Culture Exploration Activity】, the application process and the regulations are separate.

NTNU International students who are willing  to join the event can decide whether to register for one or both activities. Please read the following important information about booth application.

A.Multicultural Cuisine Fair

  • Time: 3/28 9:00-15:30; 3/29 9:00-13:00

  • Product: The food selled by the booth must be related to the culture of the country.
    ▶▶Booths are only allowed to sell packaged food during the International Cultural Festival
    ▶▶Tobacco and alcohol are forbidden for this event.
    ▶▶Keep food hygienic and covered with plastic wrap beforehand

  • Reimbursement
    Each booth is going to have at most NT$ 500 for decoration reimbursement. (Reimburse for the actual cost)

  •  Awards
    During the event, we will hold a vote for the Best Popularity Award, Most Creative Delicacy Booth Awards, and Best Booth Design Award. There will be 1 winner for each award, the winning teams will get an extra prize.
    ❊ Registration for a Booth
    ➸Download the registration form | 2023國際文化節─多元文化美食展報名表_空白表格.docx
    【NOTICE】Make sure you download the document before editing.
    ➸Fill out the information required from the form.
    ➸Email to before Feb. 19, 2023 by 16:00.

B.Cultural Exploration Activity

  • Time: 3/29 16:00-18:00

  • The activity must be related to the cultural experience of the representative country, such as wearing traditional clothes, handcrafts making ,etc.

  • Incentive: Each booth will receive incentive money, further information will be announced at the orientation session.
    ❊ Registration for a Booth
    ➸Download the registration form. | 2023國際文化節文化體驗工作坊報名表_空白表格.docx
    【NOTICE】Make sure you download the document before editing.
    ➸Fill out the information required from the form.
    ➸Email to before Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023 by 16:00.

    ◉◉◉Booth Regulation

    Please check the document as attached. Must read and understand the Booth Regulation thoroughly and follow the rules before setting the booth.



    3.To know more about the event:

    ✦ Facebook Fanpage: 臺師大國際文化節 NTNU International Cultural Festival

    ✦ Instagram Fanpage: @2023_ntnu_icf

    ✦ Feel free to contact us through email ( if you have any questions

    ✦ Visit The Office of International Affairs and contact Ms. Chelsea Yang  


File DownloadRegulations for Booth Registration of 2023 International Cultural Festival.pdf
File DownloadMulticultural Cuisine Fair Registration Form.odt
File DownloadCulture Exploration Activity Registration Form.odt